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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


oh dear. i have really done it this time.
I think it started when I lifted a tin trunk to put into the ute for a photo shoot in the lupin crop yesterday.
Didnt feel anything wrong then or after for a while, but gradually as the day wore on, my lower back started having spasms.
had an arvo siesta. getting up onto the bed was a circus. And slow.
walking without holding something for when it spasms is not a good idea. I just crumble, but try not to on my knees as i cant get up.
I had to get Kym to undress me last night and help me dress this morning. Humiliating and teary.
was able to get into the chiro this morning. i suspect bulging disc. will have to see what she thinks
the big bummer is i had 2 mornings of work lined up for tomorrow and Thurs. I've had to cancel on that and I'm not happy about it. He was great tho.
can hardly swing a leg over a postie bike when i can barely walk.
more later.....

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Anonymous said...

You're having a bad trot aren't you Tiff ! you poor thing ... between horses and trunks, hips and backs !! I hope you're soon on the mend.
Nothing worse than being laid up when you're as active as you, good luck at the chiro!
Did you manage a photoshoot after all? Will be nice to see your snaps when you're back on track. Take care !