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Thursday, April 12, 2012

LA album

One of the reasons why I blog in detail while I'm away on my trips is for the ability to copy paste the story for my scrapbooking.

 In my LA book that I've pulled together, there's 13 pages of text. All the little details of that trip, that unless I blogged it at the time, the memory fades a little and small fun details that define a trip are lost.

I collected a lot of paraphernalia for this book.  I've used a Smash album, removed the wire spine and inserted a much larger one to accomadate the bulk. And borrowed a Zutter to help me punch the holes for the extra bits and pieces for the book.  (Thanks so much Alison Starke- you are A-SUM)

I've used only the photos from my iphone in this book. They are the fun photos that I made into Polaroid's using Camera+ App. 

Annie gave me a helping hand with photographing SOME of the pages in the book.  ;O)

I'm doing a similar concept with a twist for my Grand Canyon Trip and the more formal photos with all the goodies I collected along the way.


Alanna said...

This is AWESOME! Love it to pieces Tiff - great job! I can only imagine how long something like that would've taken me...

Deb said...

WOW! Tiff, this looks fabulous.

Alex Hughes said...

I love this, we are off to LA in Sept and this inspires me with what I can do when I get back. Love it, thanks for the inspiration.

Janice Nicholls said...

Fantastic Tiff, what a wonderful keepsake of an awesome time away... so many great memories. :) x