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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perlubie Beach

During the school holidays the kids and I headed up the coast for couple of days.

I did manage to get a few photos done  :)

I had a mission in mind. 1 sunset and 2 dawn shoots. The other sunset was taken with a family photoshoot.

This is one the sunset images. And I'm proud to say that this one will be hanging on a wall up at Perlubie Beach.  :O)

That tiny little cloud cast a huge shadow across the twilight sky. Beautiful.

These were the colours in the east while the sun was setting in the west.  (Always pays to check out what's going on behind you!!)   ;o)

Dawn. Eba Island. Standing bare foot in water at 6.30am in the morning when its 6 degrees Celsius makes one's feet get bloody cold. I couldn't feel them at all when I was walking on the beach. Had to be careful when I was climbing the sand dune to catch the sun, that I didn't cut them up as I wouldn't have felt a thing.

I have a thing for sunbursts and climbing the sand dune was so worth it for this shot. With the frozen feet.

  Dawn 2nd morning. Again bare foot climbing the sand dunes. I didn't have them wet this time, but the light breeze was very chilly. My ears ached and my hands were cold. Couldn't feel the feet again.  This shot is my fave. Its the colours before dawn makes an appearance over the horizon. Love the colours.

Before the sun rises in the east, the western horizon has a huge play of pastel colours that are just magic to catch.

The 'ta-da' moment when the sun breaks over the horizon. The texture of the sand dunes are gorgeous.

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Peg said...

Wow Tiff your pics are amazing!
I'm going through the Scrap Kitchen blog list from fb and so glad, LOVE your blog, now following :-)