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Sunday, May 22, 2011

wild and woolly today

Kym had a day off the paddock today on account of the rain. Yahooo for the rain. Perfect timing. He chose to stay home with the kids rather than they all come gallivanting around with me.

 Lucky for me.

Came across this scene on my way to Coles Point. Tranquil yet ominous. Geese flying in on the left side.

Coles Point. Rough and stormy. So awesome.

And then the sun broke thru and a big blue hole in the clouds opened up. It was glorious. With everything so damp, it really saturated the colours!!

Love this one. Love them all actually. Can't really pic the HERO shot. I'm getting too fussy lol and far to self critical.


Alanna said...

Gosh I love looking at your photos! So stunning!

Zan said...

I have to agree Tiff, they are all so fabulous, how can you possibly pick just one favourite?