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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day out with Ann

While my Hilux was being serviced in Lincoln today, Ann, Faye  and I headed into the National Park for a bit of Shutter Action.

And man o man, did the sky turn it on for us.

Sand dune at Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach

The Shed at Lone Pine Point

Lone Pine Point Shed

Wave action at The Mine. (got wet up to my knees for this one, boots and all, accidentally I might add)

The Mine (pano)


Natalie said...

Tiff - these are stunning - takes me 'home'
but .... as someone who has severe arachnophobia, I wont be visiting your blog for a while - sorry babe!
Can u message me when u change ur header! xxx

Alanna said...

Eeek your header gave me a fright and a half! Love these pics though!

SueP said...

I went eeek..., don't like spiders either.. great photos there Tiff, my favs are the colour ones, as i love to see the beautiful colours of the sea.

zan said...

Nothing like a spider brown-eye to open a blog with!! Great photos. I have to say I think the colour photos are more effective with cloud action, from my point of view, as the colours are so vivid and gorgeous.

sandra said...

Thought I had stumbled upon the Arachnids Appreciation Blog.. lol
Now you should already know what I think of that spiders brown eye...
Normally when I open your blog I am greeted with a stunning panorama or a beautiful micro...but this is just...welll...
now how do write shivers down the spine, goosebumps, shortness of breath, instant fear and total repulsion in one word??
Technically a stunning shot....
but the subject matter is just...
well I'll just be reiterating the above! lol
Oh, loving the other shots by the way..but I am a bit distracted by that spider which looks primed and loaded!!