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Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Father Christmas


now that Annie is at school I can post this LO. I didn't want to put it on during the weekend while she was home in case she saw it and wondered how I happen to have the letter she dictated while I wrote, to Father Christmas. It is supposed to be at the North Pole where she sent it after all.


Gave myself a 'white with 1' challenge. It seems to be a popular thing at the moment. There is a great challenge blog called, funnily enough http://whitewith1.blogspot.com/

So I stuck with white and red. I didn't want to detract away from Annie's letter to FC or the card that came back from the big red guy.

I have also done a Double LO challenge for the E2C blog. I will need to photograph it outside before I can post it. I'll get that done today.

1 comment:

sandra said...

looks great Tiff
Saw that white with one is in vogue at the moment.. have been thinking about it... I think it's probably not as easy as it sounds!
This looks great, love that red.