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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it all comes at once.

am feeling under the pump a bit.
I am the Treasurer for the Hunt Club and am learning the process of being a treasurer as I go.
no major dramas yet. I thought I had everything the (very kind) bloke would need to audit the books. Except for, silly me, a financial report so he can sign it off *insert roll eyes* Am very glad that I did ask him to be nice to me when I gave him the books so he wouldn't scare me off doing the books again.
So I have done an electronic copy tonight but need to tidy it up before printing a report and getting it back to him. And the AGM is next week.

Had a rather emotional release this evening. Cant say too much as it concerns other people, but I am feeling very drained and disappointed that it has cost me so much. I really feel as if I am letting them down and leaving them in the lurch for next year. But at this stage nothing will change until after the event this year. Have had a good few tears over it tonight.

I know it all sounds so cryptic. I just don't want to pin point too much.

Kym has been WONDERFUL. So supportive. I talked this over with him last night and he fully supports me in my decision. He knew I would be upset this evening when I came home and he has been so so caring. He just took over. Tea, kids, baths, everything while I wallowed.
He is so good to me.

And while on the subject of him, Kym is one of the 5 that has been selected in the team to represent SA in the Clay Target Shooting National Comp to be held at Roma in QLD this year. He got in last year but as his weekend fell on the same weekend as the Retreat weekend that the girls and I had been planning for months and months, he decided that he wouldn't go. But he would this year, making the team or not. Big boys week off.

congrats Darlin' . Have a blast. You deserve it.


amanda hall said...

Congrats Kym :) Glad you are able to go this year and thanks for letting it slip last year for the retreat and for Tiff.

Tiff. Hope you work through the stuff you need to.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff (I'll never get sick of saying this), you go to settings, comments and then select show backlinks. I have added you to my favourites as well, people will think I have a link to myself, he, he, till next time, Tiff :o)

sandra said...

woohoo congratulations Kym... what a great achievement! hope you have a blast! (ewww shocking pun)

Tiff, I hope you it all works out for you. Now that the decision has been made you might be able to work through it all.
(you know where I am if you feel the need to chat)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kym. (Perhaps) in future years Jeremy will make the grade and you will verse him as a representative from the NT?
Have a blast! See you in PL next Tunarama!
Tanya + J - Alice Springs