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Saturday, February 21, 2009

bits and bobs.

the end is near
2 kgs to go.
A LO I started and thought I had finished in Lincoln last Thurs night.
In the kitchen I have a frame to pop the LO in so the rest of the family can see what's the latest one completed. Somehow it just seemed not quite done.
So I fiddled a bit more with it and now its done.

I had a special parcel in the post yesterday from Kirsty of Wicked Princess. I had been lurking her blog for a while and left a comment a while back. And wahu, I won a random comment draw.

In the parcel was some very yummy 'Wicked Princess' ribbons, and October Afternoon rubons.

Oh happy dance. I have emailed and commented on her blog to thank her very much. This is one very well followed blog. Go have a looksie.

I also received in the mail my parcel for my ribbon organisation. It was out of control. So chaotic.

It took ages to sort the ribbons into colour piles. I sat in the lounge, put the TV onto channel V and caught up on some of the latest music clips. I reckon that's the longest time I have sat in front of the box for a couple of years. I just don't watch TV.

Anyway all of a sudden it was after 1am and I only had half of the ribbons in the bags. So I have black, grey, white, cream, pink, salmon, red, maroon ribbons sorted. Filled up one bag. I do have some longer lengths of ribbon so that's what took up the room. Certainly not 200 ribbons in it that's for sure.

Now I have 2 bags of ribbons that will be sorted into colours. I had too many ribbons for 1 bag. Lucky I had ordered 4 bags. 2 for ribbons, 1 for lace and 1 for Denise. *waves*

Guess what I'm doing tonight.


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Kirsty said...

Glad you liked your goodies! How cool does your ribbon storage look??? WOW!