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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

father christmas....06


tax done.

not that's its hard or mind bending, just time consuming. So I put it off and off and off.

I had it half done months ago and just needed a kick in the bum to get the rest done.

So now I can do things that I want to do for the rest of the night.

Post of pics as promised of the lift from Sue-Ann Tilby's 'Along came a Spider' in SM this month.
I have submitted it and I did tell them its a lift from a LO in SM and guess what, SM picked it up. First time to crack Sharryn.
I must google Sue-Ann's name and see what comes up.

can now reveal....

Also congrats to Meredith and Amanda for their LOs in the mag too.


Tiff Sawyer said...

What's the go with all these posts, I can't keep up with the comments? LOL!!! Seriously, those distressed/inked/ripped/curled papers are just too pretty and revealing that little doily is just too cute, till next time, Tiff :o)

sandra said...

oh wow love this lift Tiff! so stunning!
I have this layout earmarked too!.. is going to be my next layout!...No word of a lie!!!
will share it with you when its done!!

sandra said...

woohoo!congrats on the pick up!
bugger, didn't save to pics... oh well. lol

Felicity said...

Woow that was quick lol. Congrats on your acceptance. :)