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Friday, February 6, 2009


Remember Granny Clampit from Beverly Hillbillies. Sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch with a shotgun across her knee.

Well that's who I felt like while on stakeout for the last two kitties. While I am so not happy or proud of 'disposing' of the 6 feral kittens that rocked up on my front door step 2 nights ago, at least I know it was humane. And a terrible job done while DH is away for a few days.

On a lighter note, when the heat of the day had passed and the light was soft I had Annie take some photos for me.

My favorite all time colour is purple. So when I saw these winter rain boots in Kmart I found it very hard to leave them there. So they came home with me.

They are the same shade of purple as my horse float (LOL), and the same shade of purple that is my hunt club colour, so guess what my feet will be attired in before all the hunts this season.

And whats more they have bling. Not rhinestones but gorgeous studs and a bright silver buckle.
In case you cant tell, I am in love.

So thanks Annie for taking all the shots for me. I wasn't allowed to have the camera back until she had finished. And man, is she getting fussy. I was just the assistant. LOL.

PS. thanks to the lovely ladies who emailed me after yesterday post. You know who you are. I am truly grateful for your care and consideration on what was a crappy day for me. So again, I thank you.


maryanne r said...

mmmmmm they look pretty funky tiff. fancy that gumboots with studs...! can just imagine granny clampitt in a pair of these...LOL.

Kirsty said...

Those boots ROCK!!!!!