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Thursday, February 5, 2009

great day turned to blah.

what a roller coaster day.
started off on a downer. DH left today for Adelaide to compete in the State Title clay target shooting. He's back on Monday night. I miss him already.

had 6 little kittens rock up on the front door step last night. DH thinks the mother perished down in his machinery shed. Its a bit stinky down there.

So I have 'disposed' of 4 of them. The last two are a bit elusive now. That really made me feel yuck.

Found out today of a lady who I have known for nearly 30 years had passed away. Had a bit of a cry over that.

On an up note... I hit 63 kilos today. 3 to go. I feel pretty bloody proud of myself about this. I feel pretty bloody good about myself too.

To bump me up even further. My first LO in Scrapbook Creations was published yesterday. And my first one in Creative Paper was in the shop today.

Back to blah again. Had an email disagreement with a friend. I hope we can find a resolution out of this with no damage to our friendship.

Sean asked me tonight in his little 3 year old voice, 'whats wrong Mum? you sad Mum?' He just walked up to me, pulled me down to him and squeezed me tight.

I burst into a flood of tears. Kids are so receptive. Much more than we give them credit for.

I have just come back in from hunting the other two kitty's. I just cant face it right now.

need to do the tax. so not in the mood for that. I just might have a little bit of quiet time in a glass of cold white wine instead.


sandra said...

What a shitty day!
sent you an email.
thinking of you chook.

maryanne r said...

aww tiff.so so sorry you had such a crap day!! we all have them now and again and they suck! sometimes it only has to be one little thing thats off kilter and then it can all go downhill from there.
hope things improve tomorrow.
also I did see the latest SC mag today in lincoln, and mine hasnt even turned up yet, will have to chase it up if its not here tomorrow.Have to catch up one day and check out your LO in papercraft mag.
I so know tomorrow will be so much a better day for you!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty said...

Oh man, what a day! You must have been exhausted after all of that. Hope you don't have another day like that any time soon.