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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Created for Scrap Therapy. Man of the Month is Tim Holtz. How cool!!  Products used are Tim Holtz alpha parts. Prima Millenery Collection Dud

Journaling says 'I've always wanted to get a photo like this as our family portrait. Just to be different.  13.7.2009

I've had a few projects on the go that I'm working my way thru. I've been to the School Library during a lunch hour to shoot wide angle interior shots for them with students in the images. They will go on display on the flat screen above the desk. Be sure to check them out. ;o)

I've been visiting a number of families for their family photography sessions. They are always a blast. I love the spontaneousness of it all, and the ideas for this shot or that shot that comes from the kids blows me away. Tonight was a perfect example of that. That was the best fun I've had for a while. Apparently they were reluctant before I arrived, then it was excitement +.  All four boys (two of the teens) high fived me when we finished and told me I was cool. Man, I am rapt. That's about the best compliment I could ask for.

I've been scrapping away for a magazine, so I can't reveal them for a while (sigh), as well for Scrap Therapy. I also write photography tutorials in the Shutter Therapy thread at Scrap Therapy as well. That's all about learning the basics of your camera, setting it up to shoot the challenge I set and I offer to critique the shots. (I put on my SA Camera Club Judge Hat for that lol) And the further challenge of 'shoot it, scrap it' each month. Have a look at the tutes. I'll help you get off Auto. ;OD

And I am so looking forward to the mini retreat at Trinity coming up soon. BRING IT ON!!

Plus getting photos ready for the Cummins Show. I left that to last minute last year and I regret that. I ran out of time to get my scrap pages organised then. I aim to do both this year.

So that's a tiney tiny snapshot of my goings ons atm.

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