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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

come fly with me, come fly away....(final instalment)

So what have I been up to????  (Picture a chook running around with it's head cut off and that's me.)

There's been a lot of shutter action lately. Mostly for me tho, with the odd family shoot added into the mix. I've photographed all but one of the 50 odd gymnasts for the Gym Club fundraising drive. Kindergym kids next week. And that's proving to be very successful, which is so wonderful for the club. I've been out and about with Laura shooting landscapes. I've had a weekend away @ Arno Bay shooting and being taught how to shoot. My kids have been working with me for our family calendar for next year (Kindergarten fund raiser).  I've been so very lucky to be flown around our area for aerial photos last week. Prepping a talk to the Camera Club. Judging the yr 12 Snap Exhibition.

I've been scrapping away as well, with things to reveal during the month for Scrap Therapy's MAN(ufactuer) of the Month, Mr Holtz.  :O)

Running the office side of things for our businesses and having family time. I had 2 of the 3 Modra boys here for a stay while their parents went away on their '10th Anniversary Trip'. Kym was away most of the time while they were here so I felt like a single parent with a swag of kids. They are wonderful boys and I don't believe we had one issue or moment of angst.

 Annie's birthday this weekend and there's a bit of gathering for that. My birthday is coming up and I'm hoping for a get together at the Bakery next week (hint hint  ;op  )  Kym and Sean are heading up the the 'Hill' for a week so I need to get packing for that. 

Just a snapshot into my mad life.  :OP

These are the final shots of the aerial trip from last week.

 Cummins Areotech Strip 

 Cummins Viterra Grain Receival Bunker System.

our 'Can Do' Cummins township!! (from NW)

 Cummins (from NW a bit lower altitude)

Cummins from NE

Hall's Bay

Flying the same height at the towers on North Block.

'The Homestead'

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