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Saturday, September 5, 2009

the B's - 3 generations

Taking photos isn't supposed to be this much fun.

And I do giggle with the memories of it all when I process each photo shoot. (Ask Lindy from Sheoak Craft Cottage). I was in there last night working on this session and I had to smother a fair bit of giggling.

Thank you to this family and enjoy your sneak peek.

Miss H showing me her 'cross' face. lol

Miss A showing me her 'grumpy' face. She is such a character.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, quick question for ya if you have time. What camera would you recommend for me for getting the best quality pics I can for my pages with a fast shutter speed? I will spend up to $1500. Or if you know of anyone in your camera circles who wants to sell a decent one. I've been looking at the Canon 500D, only because I know nothing and that seems to be the popular brand, but I really have no idea, thanks in advance Tiff :o)