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Thursday, April 16, 2009

all's quiet on the blog front

I have been a busy chicky
with one thing and another I havent had a moment to scrap ;( or blog for that matter.
and I have buried my scrap desk under all this on purpose so I have to get it done before I let myself get back into it.

once I have this mess cleaned up I have promised myself to unpack my new best friend out of the box.

I was so close to going to Mac. I sat down and weighed up pros and cons. If I went Mac it was for purely selfish reasons. that's the plain bald truth. And as the desktop is Windows it would be a bit silly to have 2 different systems to try to communicate with each other. So logic said Windows is the go.

would still like a Mac. maybe next time the desktop needs replacing I have another good look at it. (sigh)

Val, Sue, Meredith, Amanda and I had a most scrumy dinner last night at the Tumby pub last night with a bottle or two or three...... of yummy white wine. The e2c retreat guests all pooled in and gave us an envelope of cash to thank us for putting together the retreat.

So thank you ladies. We had a great dinner, cold wine and good company. All because of you.



Anonymous said...

And we don't iron either xx.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff,
Glad to hear that you ladies had a lovely night / tea at Tumby last night - so very well deserved !!

Kirsty said...

Oooooh what a cool incentive to get everything done!

sandra said...

great to hear you had a good night.
and oooooo at the new laptop! lucky you!

Felicity said...

Oh my gosh you have a new puter sitting there still in the box. Woowsers how can you do that? Haha Sounds like you had a super night the other night. Totally green with envy. xxxFelicity.

SueP said...

Lucky girl, getting a new computer!!

And we did have a good night at Tumby!!- lovely meal. thanks to girls from the retreat!!