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Saturday, April 25, 2009

my daughter

started this one last night and finished it today.

It is just the shaped PP. the white background is from the scanner.

we have had 30mm of rain up until lunchtime today. I declare it break of season. and on time too.

traditionally we like it to rain by Anzac Day, start seeding by what was May long weekend (1st weekend) and finish by about June long weekend. Well that's the theory anyway.

have been slowly transferring some data across to the lappy. ie, all my PS actions, brushes, overlays etc, my photos and anything else I can think of. LOL its all scrapping related at this stage.
*insert roll eyes*
ps. do not install the windows service pack 3 for XP. it sucks. i have had heaps of problems since then that i am ironing out.