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Saturday, April 11, 2009

impeccable manners

just a quickie post.
Happy Easter to all.

wishing you lots of chocolate faces, happy snaps and some family time.

oh and lots of scrapping.


Anonymous said...

That is the most gorgeous piccy of Annie. Happy Easter. Paige xoxo

sandra said...

Hi Tiff
Hope you are having a great Easter!
Wow at this layout!
right click and save to my 'Tiff' folder before it gets snapped up!
Love that photo... simply stunning!So candid, I wonder what she is thinking???
Love the colours,
just love the whole lot!

Anonymous said...

I love nothing more than a child with manners, there is something so special about it, especially when you buy them a gift and they come and thank you for it. What a special page and I so love the design and this is something your daughter will cherish in years to come and it's all because of you and your positive influence, you sound like an amazing mum Tiff xx.