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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miss G

say hello to the gorgeous Miss G.

I had the pleasure to shoot some photos of her today.

Thankyou S for being so happy to let me play with your little poppet and my camera.

ps. Disclaimer: I am a scrapper, not a photographer. I take photos for the pleasure of it and I certainly do not think I am any where near good enough to be professional. I do not ask my friends, who very kindly lend me their infants for me to try out my camera on, for any sitting fee.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Tiff, they are fantastic. You are one clever chick. I would definatly pay a fee for a sitting, so do keep that in mind as I really would like some more done with all of us. And yes when the next little miracle is on its way you can do some pregga photos. Thank you again. Sarah Bascombe xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well if you hadn't said, I would have thought they were professionals, so much emotion, they are FABULOUS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome Tiff! Great shots - again!! You are amazing.
Tanya xx

sandra said...

absolutely stunning photos Tiff.
You do them so well.

maryanne r said...

stunning tiff, all are gorgeous,but particulary love the last one of S and G.Its just BEAUTIFUL!
Guessing your scrapping may get a bit neglected over the next week or so,while youre getting stuck in to the books...