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Monday, April 13, 2009

pitchi ritchi pics

What a wonderful day we had on Saturday. We caught the Pitchi Ritchi at 10.30 at Quorn and took a trip to Woolshed Flat, about an hour away and then came back on the same line.

The train uncoupled and using sets of tracks, did a three point turn to recouple on the other end of the carriages.

21 Volunteers were on duty that day. Each coach had a 'coach captain'.

So well organised and professionally run.
I am very impressed.

Kym making sure he got into the shot. lol. lucky his hat didnt blow off

rocked to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Is that your hubby sticking his head out the side of the train? It's an award winner, I LOVE IT!!!

maryanne r said...

FAB fotos tiff, knew youd have some winners.
love the last one of kym and the kids[adorable of annie], and the one of kym hanging his head out too.the train shots look pretty fab too.
I gather kyms back home now then?

sandra said...

Classic shot of Kym!! pmsl
and love that shot of Annie asleep on his lap.
Gorgeous pics Tiff... might have to think of putting that on our 'things to do..... (one day) list'

Kirsty said...

Ooooh looks like fun!! LOVE that last pic:)

SueP said...

Lovely pics from Pitchi Richi...like the one with you all looking out the window. Great mementos. You have done some colour altering in PS??