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Thursday, April 2, 2009

granny & those elusive easter eggs

LO 6 of Project 7.

I don't do the 8.5x12 LO's very often, so thought it time to give it a go again. I have noticed that my LOs of late have a collage look to them. I think it's from flicking thru CK,checking out Leanne Stamatellos blog frequently, and a way of getting thru a mountain of pics efficiently. Oh and learning how to do them on PS has helped sway me a bit too. (thanks Sandra). Saying that, this is good ol paper cut up with a ruler and craft knife.

This is Easter 07. So I am exactly 2 years behind on Annie's pics. At the rate I'm going atm I'll catch up for sure, but the rush wont last. I'll enjoy the ride while its here tho ;)


maryanne r said...

mmm tiff,
like the cv of published and pending LOs. very professional!
you are on a major scrapping roll atm, with your 7 los in 7 days.wish I had some of your scrap mojo, just 1 lo in 7 days is a challenge atm.well just maybe I might have a fiddle this arvo, in between the washing, and cleaning etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I so love you Tiff, I wish you lived next door, we would get into sooooo much strife!!!!!!!