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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shabby Chick Shack Scrap sleep over.

boy oh boy. Did I have some fun at the Shabby Chic Shack scrap sleep over. We invaded the Lock Footy clubrooms for the occasion.

The weather yesterday was just gross, hot north wind and dust. It would have been pretty bloody warm in the Footy club as the aircon doesn't work. It was still fairly toasty inside when D and I got there at 6pm.

I didn't quite get to see the sun come up for the dawn buster. But I did just see 4am before my little peepers just had to shut for a while.

Denise E came up with me. She is just a barrel of laughs. Every hour or so she would say, 'Rito, whats next'. I was flat out throwing ideas at her.

Her daughter knows Jane P, so Denise and Jane hit it off straight away.
Jane had her dymo clicking away all night.

Great to see Karen D at her creative best, once the headache disappeared.
This is some of Karen's ribbon stash. Impressive isn't it!!!

Cassandra S had her dymo busy clicking away all night on all her layouts too.

Brigette S is a powerhouse. Despite the shocking weather yesterday, she hosted a fundraising day for Breast Cancer and then looked after us that night. Thank you Brigette. I am in awe of your energy. (I bet it felt just great to just to sit and scrap since u haven't had an opportunity since January)
I just love this pic of B. Personality Plus.

Love love love my new little remote control for the camera. Just worked a treat.

Head down and straight into it. This is the first one I finished. The grid is cut from a nutrigrain cereal packet. the squares are 8cm each.
We had pizza tea. Yummy. Lots of the most bestest garlic bread I have ever tasted. I kept going back to it all night.

Second Layout finished. The date at the bottom is actually a measuring tape that I cut up to get the right numbers for the date needed. The scalloped edging on the bazzil is from a new embossing punch by Friskars. The scallop bit works better on softer papers like reflex, but looked quite ok on this one.
We all hopped into a car and did a trip down to the pub. The girls pub that is, which is the Shabby Chic Shack. (LOL Karen). Denise thought we were actually going to the real pub. So had some retail therapy of course.

Jane's hands on the interior car roof as we yehaad our way to the pub.

Third LO finished. Fairly simple this one. Was starting to see double by 2am.

Woke up, packed up, chatted for a bit while sucking down some ice coffee (surprise surprise). Left about 8.30a.

Hope the girls have another one. Not to be missed.
apologies to Nadine P and the other lady who left earlier in the night. I didnt have my camera out then. I need a prompt to remember your name too. Sorry.
If any of the pics on this post worry anyone who was there last night, please email me so I can remove it. No stress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, thanks so much for coming up last night, it was a BLAST!!!! and yes I had my nana nap this arvo, think I might need another one though. Was that your hole punch I was using? If so I have it here, email you address and Ill pop it in the post. Love the photos a great reminder of a great night!!!
Karen D

Anonymous said...

Luv the photos Tiff - good idea to bring the camera !! except for you blinding me with the flash in the car - that was funny!! i had a fantabby night - even if i didnt get as much done as some eh Tiff & D - whats next! almost made the "dawn buster", even if your definition is a LOT different to the Pearce definition.
i also had a 3 hour nana nap today and going to bed early tonite. yawn yawn
thanks for coming and the great night.bring on the next one...
Jane P

Lisa said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!! Great photos - would have been so good to jsut go til you'd had enough. Anyone see later than 4am? I love the grid pattern LO - I've got something similar here that I saved out of one of Tyla's games - will get around to using it one day! Looked at it yesterday while packing, nearly threw it out, but decided not too!
Hoping the Chic ladies do another one, I'll be there next time!

:) Tiff said...

Karen. have burnt a disc that will get to u via Janice on Tues digi class. hole punch can come back via Janice too. thanks t

Jane. LOL. I'll reckon I'll be needing to explain your meaning of Dawnbuster if anyone asks. ;o)

Lisa. I slipped off to my swag very quietly. I think the other girls werent too far behind. I was a bit of a party pooper as I did trumpet about seeing the sun come up. Too many wines I guess (thanks Denise).

thanks for the comments ladies. keep em rolling in.

Brigette said...

I'm still recovering. I had a nanna nap yesterday and it was really hard to get out of bed this morning and still not much energy. Can't wait until we do it again though. I FINALLY GOT TO SCRAP.

Anonymous said...

well actually Tiff was the party pooper, so much for the dawn buster, the rest of us stayed up except Brigette who had been working all day. So much for young Tiff - the old girl outstayed and kept up with the others, and guess what didn't have a nanna nap either but was in bed by 7p

Cassandra said...

All you girls crack me up such a fantastic night in great mix of company I really needed it THANKYOU SO MUCH.Photos are great Tiff Kerrin busted me napping again this morning think he was abit jealous can't wait to do it agin the more the merrier.
Cheers Cassandra xxx

sandra said...

Great post Tiff.
Looks like you all had a great time.
Good on you Denise... not bad for an old chook lol!