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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hay bale photo shoot

just couldn't leave these props not being used. They are being moved out of the paddock in the morning so I had to grab some shots tonight. Lucky the light was kind.

Sean was in a bit of a grump (no nap this arvo) so there are none of him just on his own :(

Every year the kindy do a calender for fundraising and I reckon I now have the pic I want on it. It needed to be high resolution and in horizontal format.

have a guess which one. Chockie for the first one to guess.


Anonymous said...

The one with the feet??? What cuties!! I have been meaning to get out to take pics of the hay bales before they get carted in.

Did i win the chockie??


Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos Tiff - love the first one of Annie. My guess for the calendar is the feet shot!
A calendar fundraiser, that is a fabulous idea. Who makes the calendars? I would love to suggest something like that for our local kindy.

Angela said...

Gorgeous photos Tiff. I will go against the grain here and say that the photo with both kids (Annie wearing a hat) is the one you have picked. :)

sandra said...

anything for a choccie! I guess the feet one... aww bugger someone beat me to it!!
Love these photos Tiff.