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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cummin Show.

Get a coffee. Long post with lots of pics.
what a great day. good weather and good fun.

we got there just on 12p in time for the judging of Show Prince and Show Princess. Both the kids have won it before but Sean did a little impromptu Bob the Builder song and dance which won the judge's approval.

A very proud Dad!!

Rev Michael Duke pinned on Sean rosette. He's a very lucky little chap. In his 2.5 years of life he has won this twice.

I had pinned up all of Annie's hair for her entry. So much hair.

Took ages. Another young lady won it, but Annie's learning that u only win sometimes. Just to enter and have fun is more important. Winning is bonus.

Kym took the kids on the little train ride, bouncing castle and hurdy gurdy while I watched the hunter events.

Had so many people ask why I wasn't riding. I would have loved to been out there as I haven't done it for the last 4 years with equine flu, no horse, pregnant, injured horse. (in no particular order).

Jerry (my hunter) started bucking full on at the end of hunt season and I hit the ground hard twice. I have some ongoing injuries that I am dealing with. I have been taking him out in group rides since then with no pressure of jumping or moving along at a fair pace just to chill out whatever is spinning his head out. hopefully to resolve his bucking plus with a bit of help from a pro horse breaker/ re educator. (Shane Cooper)

So yesterday was just not on. I so did not want to be dumped off in from of a crowd onto a buckshot track around the oval.

Needless to say I jumped every jump in spirit with those who entered.

By this time Sean was buggered and needed his neb so Kym took him home. We had thought this would happen so we came in 2 vehicles.

Shane Cooper put a fantastic demo of horsemanship with his steed TC, who rode at will (no bridle) and Shane stood on TC's back while TC was standing on a large bale of hay, cracking his stockwhip. Very impressive. That won the crowd.

Paige K (thanks chick for your wonderful company with Annie yesterday) took off with Annie to watch the magician while I had a quick squizzie in the Pavilion.

And Wowsers, my LO of Sean, -innocence-

won Champion Exhibit for the scrap section.

Thanks to Shabby Chic Shack for the voucher. Will be visiting very soon.

There were heaps of entries and competition was pretty stiff. The Show Society had put up a very large display wall from floor to ceiling for all the entries. And is was so fantastic to see it full and them some. Very popular section. I had LO's in nearly all the categories and was pleased with my results.

Ducked back outside to find Annie and Paige still watching the magician. He was great. Really great. The rope trick still has me thinking how he did it.

Isn't timing amazing. I had left my camera bag in the show office as it was a bit heavy (esp with a bottle of water in it). Annie was called up on stage and I didn't have the bloody thing with me. I quickly scoured the audience and no, Meredith didn't have hers with her at that point, nor did Sandra. Fat lot of scrappers aren't we. So many many thanks Sacheen who saw my desperate look of despair and trotted over her camera to me just in time to catch the last of Annie and Ryan W up on stage. Will post the pic when i get it.

After that was the whip cracking which Annie wanted to have a go at.

Then time for presentations of awards in the pavilion.
Mr Rowan Ramsey MP presenting me with the voucher. (Thanks Sandra for the shot)

Thanks again Sandra for the shot of Kate and I. Well done Kate. Your talent is amazing.

Big congratulations to Sandra and Janice who entered their LOs. insert *applause* Both of these ladies have come a long way in a hurry and they must so stoked to see some recognition for their work. Ally's work is consistently fantastic and Kate won most points over all. So well deserved.

Annie had entered some sections with her scrap pages,

6 chook eggs,
decorated eggs,
and few entries in the Cereals section which she and Kym had put together.
She did really well.

In true scrapping style she wanted to scrap her winning tickets as soon as she got home. Luckily she let me scan the originals so I can use the printed ones later as she wanted to use the real ones. Her page which is going to school with her tomorrow for show and tell.

The afternoon went so quick. I reckon this was the best show yet because after lunch there was so much to do. I didn't get to see the sheep dog trials, machinery and no show jumping at all.
Well done to the Show Society. Huge job well done.

side note....comparing the Pavilion side of things at Cummins show to Yallunda Flat and Lincoln shows. Cummins Show shits it in with so many enteries in the sections. we are so lucky that our local show is so well supported and a hard working committee, conveyors, stewards, judges must be so pleased to see a re surge of interest and participation.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Tiff. What a great finish to the holidays for Annie great photos.

Anonymous said...

what a great day for the firth family ..... prizes all round ...well done.

sandra said...

Congratulations to you both.
Your layout was so worthy of the champion exhibit Tiff... I heard so many positive comments about it while I was standing there admiring all the entries...
It was fun having an entry in the show for the first time ever!
I think the kids and I will have to pull our fingers out next year and support the show a bit more and put some more entries in!

Angela said...

Look at all you clever little munchkins!! Congratulations to each of you. And your LO deserved to win. It's sensational.