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Thursday, January 8, 2009

thursday 4th day of holiday

Got another ride in this morning. Yay. It was too breezy for Kym to take Sean out fishing so he very kindly agreed to meet me on the beach with the camera. (Thanks Sandra for prompting me. I dont reckon I honestly would have thought to ask him).

After I got back from my ride Kym headed off for some quite time fishing without Sean. I cant begrudge him for that at all. Sean has been pestering Kym nearly every minute of each day with 'Got one Dad. Pull in?' That would be rather wearing after a while.

Annie walked back from the caravan park where the Family Mission bus dropped her off for a quick lunch, some Bindi Erwin time and then off to Vac Swim.

It was a bit blustery along the foreshore so I took Sean to help me shop for a quick bit before coming back to pick up Annie. She was blue again today. Another hot shower to bring some pink back into her skin.

Kym came back just in time to have Sean while he was smoking fish around a mate's home while I took Annie back to Family Mission for the fun afternoon. Free bouncing castle and merry go round. The breeze had dropped off and so it was just lovely there. Annie ran around between the two for an hour or so while I read a mag and took some shots.

Back to Kym's mates home to grab Sean. Little fella was fast asleep in Kym's ute with the doors wide open so it was nice and cool in there. Annie and I went back to the cabin for some girl time. When Sean woke up, he was not well. Temp, sweaty, lethargic. When Kym brought him back to the cabin he had a tiny little chuck outside.
Panadol, tepid shower and bed. And that is where stayed put.

We were all going out to tea tonight to the Tumby Hotel schnitzel night. But seeing that Sean was definitely not up to it and Kym looking rather relaxed, Annie and I went instead.

Sean had made it into Kym's and my bed and looking rather at home in it by the time Annie and I got back from tea. So a little bit of gentle cuddle time and back to his own bed. Have heard that gastro is around so we will see what tomorrow brings.

night night.


Janice said...

more great shots..well done kym ;)
Girls in this household went to the pub for schnitzel night as well..yummm!
hope sean is all better tomorrow..

maryanne r said...

more great shots tiff, great one of annie reaching up to touch the giraffes? head.is that the ad2 lomo action youre using on some of your pics? I love it anyway.
Havnt got the camera yet, my trouble is Im a very catious purchaser[ well sometimes, but sometimes NOT too], and i will think I dont need it and then I change my mind and think I want it and so on and so on. I checked back and they were pretty non negotiable, on price and no xtras thrown in, so thinking still, may go in there tomorrow.will see what happens

Meredith Treloar said...

Hope Sean is feeling better tomorrow. Lovely photos of all the activities over the last few days! Looks and sounds like a relaxing break away!

sandra said...

Great photos!... well done Kym!
Jerry is such a beautiful horse... and he knows it too judging by that second shot! lol
I hope Sean is feeling better today?

Jo said...

Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time!! Hope Sean is better today :)

Lisa said...

Sounds like your holiday is very relaxing Tiff. Loving all the photos, thanks so much for sharing them. I hope Sean is better today.
We got home the day after your holiday started, so sorry, not able to catch up with you.