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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

whoo hoo its wednesday

***edited. I have been able to add pics. yay***

beaut day today.

In the saddle by 8.15 with Tatum and roared through the sandhills and took off up the beach for a bit. Great ride. Esp after being a bit cabin bound yesterday, it was great to blow off the cobwebs.

Caught up with J for a coffee for her and a naughty ice coffee for me. oh my it was yummy.

Lunch. Kym went to check out the 'creek' to see if he would be fishing out there and decided that he would go out to ski beach and try his luck instead.

Sean went down for a sleep, Annie watched a DVD and I caught up on a couple of winks too.

We went to the playground for the kids to burn up some energy and Kym met us there with the fish heads and bits after his fishing trip.

Got some great shots of the pelicans with the kids.

Tea. Kym reckons there is nothing better than tommies caught that morning on the plate that night. I dont eat fish so I guess I will just have to believe him. The kids cleaned up theirs tho!! Makes Kym so proud to see his kids eat what he (they) catch that day.

Photoshop giving me the shits tonight. It keeps crashing while I am trying to save the pic I have messed around with for the blog. So the pics are unphotoshopped tonight. Hope I have more luck with the jolly thing tomorrow

toddle pip


maryanne r said...

hi tiff
hoping to be back home next wednesday or thursday, kids are hanging to get home!
sounds like youre having a great time, and youve been getting some fantastic shots.

Lisa said...

Was wondering how you were going without the IC! Sounds like you going well!!!