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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tuesday temp

yep. it was hot. about 47c according to the car temp, but I reckon its more like 45. It was windy. It was dusty. And yes there is a bushfire out of control south of Lincoln that is now threatening the outskirts of Lincoln with the southerly wind change.
This info is correct and up to date and is what is read as reports on the radio stations.
Today started early with Kym and Annie heading out early to fish before it blew up. (Photo courtsey of Kym via his phone.
While they were out I met up with my farrier to shoe Jerry. Pagie, bless her socks, took Sean back to her house with her as it started to get horrible, and I held her Mum's 2 horses while they were being trimmed.

I grabbed Sean from Pagie and thanked her so much for having the little chap. It was disgusting outside and no place for a kid to be in with the raised dirt swirling in the air.

It was about this time when I noticed the smoke on the horizon and thought Oh Shit, not today.

Kym and Annie were back at the cabin by the time Sean and I got back. Air con works really well in the cabin.

Annie and I left at 1.30 to practise her floating on her back with a kick board and swim 10 metres without touching before her lesson. She needed to nail these to pass. And she passed.

We headed to the shop for an icecream and for her reward for passing her Vac Swim. She found a little dolphin clock that she saw yesterday and I am sure that helped motivate her to try a little bit harder.

We came back and hid with air conditioner for the rest of the afternoon until it cooled off a bit to hit the beach. We poked out our noses about 6pm.

The beach was fantastic. Kym met us down there and we then decided to get some hot chips and eat them there as our tea.

Both kids squirted us with their water canons a couple of times and when they headed down to load up again from the sea, Kym and I ran down there and grabbed one each and had a big splash falling into the water. clothes and all. shit we laughed. so did the group on the beach next to our camp.

late back to the cabin and finally to a cool breeze due to the wind change.

but I can smell smoke......

more tomorrow.


maryanne r said...

hi tiff
glad you kept cool.Have been seeing pics of the fire, looks so bloody scary!Have rang mum a few times today,just to check in[ after black tuesday, am aware of the unpredictability of fires].Even saw the fire on the news up here!
Just hope everyone is okay!
And I was happy to see a foot photo on your blog, will point it out to my family, who think I have a foot fetish!I do have a love of thongs and shoes and sometimes the colors.Like the shoes the kids wore bowling yesterday, they were just so funky, so had to take a photo.And without even being aware of it, I actually took a photo of just a crocodile foot at the croc cove the other day.I dont do it conciously i just happens.I cant help it.....maybe I do have a foot fetish...

Lisa said...

Woohoo, congrats to Annie on her Pass - well done!!
I can't believe you were out in that heat yesterday Tiff - mad I say!! We stayed inside in the aircon - hit the pool about 5ish! Was 46degrees in our patio.
My Step-Sister and her family were evacuated yesterday - they live top of New West Road. Home again now, hopefully everything is under control.
Sounds like you are all really enjoying the holiday - so good to do something stressfree as a family - lots of laughs can be so goos for the soul!!!!

amanda hall said...

glad to see you enjoying your holidays Tiff.

Well done on ditching the iced coffees..... never thought i would see that!