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Monday, January 12, 2009

monday 12th

relaxing sleep in till about 8am when Kym and I jumped on the kids instead to wake them up. So funny.

Last minute decision for Kym to take both Annie and Sean out fishing this morning at Second Creek. So I was left on my own.

Boo Hoo. Not.

Since we hadnt planned on Kym going fishing today I was unmotivated to go for a ride. Even tho I should have. So I Photoshopped my little heart out.

They were back by about 11 as it was starting to blow up a little bit out at the creek. If nothing else, Kym is so safe with the kids and the boat. He will not risk them for 'another' fish.
So they had an early lunch and I had my shake. I watched with envy how soft the white bread rolls disappeared. I miss them so much at the moment.
Kym and Sean went back to the farm to water the vegie patch before the stinker hot day tomorrow. Check the chooks, pick up the eggs and grab the mail.

Annie watched a DVD while I Photoshopped some more and then we went to Vac Swim. Last day tomorrow. Annie needs to float on her back for 30 seconds in the waves while holding a kickboard and swim 20 metres without touching the bottom. She has been struggling with these so today was the day I got my bathers on. Eeppp. After a bit of blatant bribery and me getting soaking wet as I had to do the float first (of course) she nailed it. She went from very upset at herself for not being able to do it, to dancing up the beach and singing very loudly. She is so proud of herself.

So tomorrow just before her lesson we will go out for another quick practise to remember how to do it and then she should nail it in her group. With luck. As for swimming all she needed to do was lift her head out of the water while doing her breast stroke for a breath and she'll make it. Something that her instructor apparently hadnt told her (or so she says). Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

found a danilion on the back lawn and had a go with the camera. Missed the perfect shot. Isnt that always the way. I lowered the camera for a sec and that's when the big puff of seeds happened. buga.

Caught up with Kym and Sean after we had showers in the big playground. The kids and I came back to the cabin while Kym had some time off from the kids. I watched Annie wash Sean in the laundry tub. So cute.


Scrabble. Boys against Girls. Have found this is such a fantastic way to help teach Annie spelling. She is sssssooooooo keen on this game. I love it. We dont score yet but that is not far away.

Bed for all.
and me here again.
dont melt. If it 42 in Lincoln then it will be a stinker of a day everywhere in this state. I reckon I'll sit under the jetty with water up to my neck. (I wish). But it will be better here in Tumby than in Cummins at least.
cya tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, It looks like you're having a nice holiday at Tumby ! Lovely photos too.
Kylie Shep