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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday day 2

Tuesday saw us with another time tabled day.

I had a little sleep in due to late night Photoshopping last night. So Kym and Sean took the boat to Second Creek to try their luck on garfish a bit earlier as I could drop Annie off to Family Mission. Arranged for the bus to drop her off at the caravan park after. I then went to muck around with Jerry for a while (the horse).
Starting to warm up by the time I knocked off, had a shower, and Photoshopped some more. Am going to Lincoln tomorrow for a vehicle service so am trying to get as many photos as I can ready for Rabbit.
Picked up Annie at 12.30. Made some lunch and shot down to the street for some grocery supplies.
2p Vac Swim. And at long last Annie's wobbly bottom tooth fell out. I think she bumped her chin on her knee when sitting down with her towel after her lesson. Just as well it was there and not out in the water. The Buffalo grass didnt make it easy to find but we persisted.
Hot shower to warm Annie up. Still no sign of the boys.
Decided to take Annie and her tooth down to the beach to try some shots of it in a wine glass in the sand.
Came back to find the boat here but no boys. I had a suspicion where they would be but thought I should leave them to their 'boy time'
Annie veged with Mr Bean. She is seriously stuck on him. You ought to hear her giggle at his antics.
By 5 oclock I was wondering if the boys had any fish for tea so decided to intrude into their boy zone. They had much success with garfish and tommies. All on a dodge tide too. Sean had a blast fishing on the boat the first time ever with Dad. Must get some pics in the morning as they take off again.
There were heaps of fish bits to throw to the pelicans after filleting (the boy time) so off we went with the camera in hand to catch some fauna on the beach. Glad I did.
While I was whizzing Sean through the shower, Kym had Annie outside banging away on a tennis ball suspended by a string from the rafter (totem tennis ball), in the carport. Her hand eye co-ordination is improving dramatically each time. Good ol Dad.
And here we are again, after tea with everyone asleep and me blogging again. Feels like a habit already.
cya tomorrow.

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sandra said...

Great post!
Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!
Glad you clarified that Jerry was a horse..;)
That photo of Sean and Mr Percival and the fish in midair is Fantastic!!!!
Can't wait to read about day 3...
don't forget to rest somewhere in there!!