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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

holiday wednesday

How about that. Woke up to damp roads and very overcast skies. What is happening to our summer? I hope it just not delaying itself to be a stinker March all month long. We have our Escape2Create Retreat on from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th. I so hope it's not sweltering then.

Annie had the Tooth Fairy visit overnight. She very kindly left 50c for Annie.

And Annie being so keen to see if the fairy had come, bounced out of her room at 7am and squealed when she saw the coin. As our Cabin has the one main room that has our bed in it too, there is zero chance of a sleep in. So I snuck into her and Sean's little room and crawled into her bed while they both bounced on Kym. He wakes up in a better frame of mind in the mornings than I do. ;)

I just love snuggling into the bed that Annie has just left as its warm from her and smells like her. My little private patch of heaven.

I had to take my 4wd to Lincoln for its service this morning so no horse riding for me. The boys left early for their fishing trip.
Kym couldn't go far as he and Sean needed to meet Annie after her Family Mission morning.

Family Mission is so cool. So organised and so well structured with so many young and older adults offering so many activities to so many age groups. All with light religious overtures. In case you cant tell, I am so impressed.

The bus picked Annie up from our Cabin. That was a bit of a surprise as I hadn't realised that they would do this. Very handy tho. Right out of the front door and 9am. So I hope it's here again in the morning.

I headed off to Lincoln and got some jobs done, including heading into Rabbit to print all the pics I have Photoshopped so far.

Got back about 1pm to find Sean fast asleep and the other two having more Mr Bean time. Kym then headed off with Annie to watch her during her Vac Swim. Bloody cold and lumpy for the kids in the water apparently.

I had a quick snooze while there was a bit of quiet time while Sean was asleep. Annie came back rather cold and blue so I chucked her in the hot shower.

By this time Sean woke up so we went to feed the pelicans the remains from the morning's fishing trip and some crusts that I had kept.

Kym took off to see a mate and to have some time out from the kids as he has had one or the other of them a fair bit. Bless his socks.

The kids were getting a bit ratty being cooped up so i took them down to the playground by the jetty to blow off some steam. They both made a new little friend each and had heaps of fun.

After tea there were a few young boys on their bikes doing skiddies on the track in front of the cabins. Annie grabbed her bike and off she went. We have an ongoing struggle to get her off her trainer wheels. We have tried a smaller bike (on loan) with no trainers and she wont touch it. We have tried only one trainer wheel on and she wont touch her bike. We have tried bribery, blackmail, temper tantrums (me) and I am at a loss of what to do next. So hopefully seeing the other kids having fun on their bikes without those bloody trainer wheels will give her a push in the right direction.

Not one to miss out on the action, Sean was roaring around with his truck. I never seen that truck move so fast before.

All in pj's too. lol

close of day and all tucked into bed and me here again.
cya tomorrow.


maryanne r said...

hi tiff. these photos look pretty gorgeous, love the one of annie on the swing, the yellow looks so bright and vivid. bad luck about the holiday weather, definitely not cool here. must say I have had a couple of little aftrnoon naps, as we seem to head to bed late, and awake early and try to stay indoors under thye aircon in the arvo.Up early and off to the teritory wildlife park 7.30 tomorrow morning, then probably go to a video store and get some dvds to watch I think.

maryanne r said...

ps.jako took ages to get rid of his traner wheels too, and after his brothers teased him about them, he actually refused to ride a bike at all for a long time.but he eventually did,

sandra said...

wow Tiff, you really seem to cram a lot in a day!
LOVE the photos! The kids look like they are having a ball!
Teagan was excited for Annie when she saw that she has finally lost her tooth ;) She keeps asking though... why did they put the tooth ina wine glass in sand???? lol
I reckon there was an easterly breeze early yesterday morning coz I reckon I heard Annies squeal of excitement over here!!
Have fun on day 4!!