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Thursday, January 1, 2009

my resolution

I have put on a few kilos in the last few months and it really pisses me off. The cruncher was my favorite jeans looked just awful with the rolls of me hanging over the top of it.

So I will lose weight. I would like to be 60kg. I was 69kg. I have been hovering around 65 since Sean was born until recently.

So I am like a dog with a bone. This will not get the better of me. And I will lose it.

Firstly give up Feel Good ice coffees - tick

I haven't looked for one and I am gob smacked. I usually suck down 3 or 4 600ml cartons a day. And I haven't had withdrawals. I reckon that when I am happy at where my weight is I'll have a small one now and then.

Secondly start on Slimmm. - tick

This is available at our local chemist and its so easy. I have lost 2 kilos inside of a week with no effort at all and hardly heard my tummy rumble. It does make you very conscious of what to eat so I think its also re-educating me on my food intake.

Thirdly, we are going to Tumby on Sunday for a couple of weeks and I will be riding the horse in the sandhills and on the beach every day. hope to swim with him too. So that should help the kilos peel off.

I have set myself a goal of at least 1kg each week to be realistic so that's 9 weeks. Hopefully it will be quicker as I have already said I have dropped 2 and the first week is not up yet. I am even taking the scales to Tumby with us and Kym is measuring me each week. He has been FANTASTIC in his moral support even tho he prefers me not to do this as I loves my 'womanly' shape. LOL. Gosh I just love that guy to bits.

On other stuff Kym wants to take the laptop to Tumby to check the weather for fishing and grain marketing while we are away. I am so chuffed that he suggested this as I can keep the blog up to date and I hope to Photoshop my large backlog of 08 photos for printing at Rabbit. The photos are all sorted into date order folders of events so all I need to do is pull out the best shots from each occasion and work on them. Have about 50 folders tho (eeekkk) and there are lots of pics in some of them. Give me something to do at night time.

cheers for now.

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maryanne r said...

hi tiff, congrats on the last LO accepted, not surprised at that at all!!!well done on the weight loss, that is definitely my new year resolution, but maybe after holiday, been eating and drinking so much crap and lots of sitting in the car, but when I get home I WILL do it.