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Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday, day of rest.

Fantastic day. Had a little sleep in LOL to 8am. Kids bounced out and jumped on us. That must be the most bestest way to wake up with all their giggling and smiley faces.

I was in the saddle by 9. Invigorating ride. Had some family time while Annie and Kym waited for the tide to start coming in to go to Second Creek. They left about 11a.

Sean was a bit pooped by about 11am as well so he went down for a snooze so I got heaps of photoshopping done. And the domestic duties. Cant escape them on holidays.

Sean woke about 2 so he changed into his bathers and we left to find Paige and hit the beach.

The breeze was brisk so it was actually a bit chilly. I came back for jumpers and trackie daks for the little man. Caught up with Belinda and Gary on the beach with Marcus and Miranda. Such great kids.

By about 4 I dropped off Paige to a bunch of her mates and I climbed the Tumby lookout to get some snaps. Not real good ones tho.

I have stitched 9 shots together. hopefully if u click on the pic its bigger. not sure. but this is the view from Tumby Island looking North West back over Tumby. The marina channel is in the foreground and the sand bar is in the first 3rd of the pic.

Kym and Annie were around at Kym's mates prepping the days catch to smoke. Annie out fished her Dad. Something that she is most delighted in and reminds me often. She also caught 3 snook and needed very little help on bringing them back into the boat. They caught squid too which we had for tea. Yummy. Kym had caught up with another mate who had been crabbing at Cowell today so a fish/crab exchange was made. Unfortunately Kym didnt take any pics of Annie on his new phone. GRRRR. He was asked very noicely too.

The kids had some computer time on Nickjr.com after tea. They means, Annie playing and Sean watching. He's a good watcher. Doesnt interfere at all.

9pm. All in bed, even Kym. LOL.

Weekly weigh in.

65kgs. Only lost half a kilo. Am disappointed in that since I started off so well and I have been riding a lot this week. But I guess if I look at it as 4 kilos in 2 weeks I should be pleased. I have been so strict on myself too. Denying myself the Tumby Bakery, The Little Jetty Cafe, bread (I miss soft white bread rolls with lashings of butter the most). And I have bugger all to show for it.

My perception of my quick start is (this is going to sounds nuts) the weight I had gained recently hadnt yet solidified into yucky yellow hard to shift fat that sits on my bum and legs and tummy. The 3.5 kilos in the first week was basically liquid fat that I quit really easily and now I have started the hard stuff. This is when the going gets tough and I must be disciplined (something that I am not). So even though that honey log is calling my name I wont do it. I wont buy it.

Also I reckon by saying my declaration of weight loss on here and by making it public I have to be much stricter on myself as I am being watched. In a good way. So I find this motivational to stay on the band wagon when it would be so easy to grab an ice coffee (havent had one yet) or a vanilla slice.

Measurements. I dont have the first week of loss here, its written down at home but in the last week I have lost a total of 7 cms for only half a kg loss. I guess the fat stuff must be shifting around a bit.

I have lost 2cm off my boobs which Kym is not happy about. LOL. He doesnt have to wear em.

I can feel the difference and that's what is important.

cya tomorrow.

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maryanne r said...

well done with the healthy eating tiff...vey hard trying to do on holidays, so youre doing very very well I reckon.