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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 14

Up with the 5.45am alarm clock this morning to catch the quite sunrise.

By the time I was back at the apartment, Annie and Kym were just heading out with the boat. Sean happily watched a movie while I caught up on a few zzz's

VacSwim was rescheduled today after yesterdays lightning and weather warning yesterday.

The hot northerly swung and all of a sudden it was cool. A cool breeze had the kids shivering as they came out of the water. Yay I thought, I can open up the windows and curtains. But no, it swung again, the clouds parted and up went the mercury.

Annie's passed her level 7 and Sean did well with his Level 3.

Annie was zapped from her dawn wake up call to go fishing, and Sean was a little bit grumpy, so we all had an arvo sleep to catch up.

When we were up and about again, I had a text from good friends, that moved in 2 apartments away from up. So there were kids going from their door to our door, and our door to theirs. She and I chilled, chatted and had a cider or two.

Then the big boys made it back and off to the sandbar with the kayaks and fish guts to feed the pelicans with. And we found more people we both knew on the beach so we just yarned for ages. Nearly forgot about tea, but we rustled up a last minute BBQ. A few more ciders to be had to make sure one was properly re hydrated after the warm day.

It's been far cooler here than at home or over on the other coast. Those places are ovens when its hot, but here its quite pleasant. I wouldn't be anywhere else for quids.

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