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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 13

Kym and I were up predawn to head out on the bay so I could shoot the foreshore businesses in the new light of day. Having the sun so low meant there were no shadows under the eves and verandas. 

By the time we got back to the apartment 45 mins later the kids are still asleep. Bless their socks. When they woke, we got them up and about and headed out with the biscuit up the hospital end of the beach to cut up the water.

There was weather brewing as I could see the sky starting to build up. The forecast was promising some severe weather to come.

They were right on the money. By lunch it was hot and oppressive and the sky was starting to look threatening.

Great for photos, not so great for VacSwim. That was cancelled as the lightning was starting to get a bit close for comfort.

The evening sky promised either to be a cracker sunset or a fizzer. The western sky over at Farm Beach area would have been on fire, and our eastern sky we were blessed with a pink rainbow. This one is the most amazing as it occurred after the sun had slipped below the horizon and the clouds bounced enough light for a light rain shower to reflect the light. It took my breath away. I'm facing North East for this image and it was gone 30 seconds.

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