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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 20

Annie and Kym headed out fishing early. They were back sooner than i thought they were going to be as it was a bit rough in the hotspot for Garfish. They did well with Tommies before they came in and they went in the smoker box this afternoon.

So I took the kids and a friend of theirs to the library and we then met the other family on the Mangrove Trial for them to explore. It was a lot of fun with the kids clowning around for the camera and looking for crabs, starfish and birds.

Sean went with Kym to smoke the fish and Annie and her friend chilled out reading their books. When Sean made is way back I took the three of them up the jetty with an Australian flag to do a few pics with Australia Day in mind. Once I had what I wanted, the kids had their icecream reward.

When we got back from the jetty the other family all had an afternoon snooze so the kids and I hit the waves with the boards and the GoPro. Classic stuff.

We spent the early evening on the beach with the other family and had a late tea. Kym's taken a large ute load of gear home tonight so he can be back early in the morning.

I'm heading out later this evening to shoot the rising moon over the jetty while the kids sleep.

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