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Friday, January 10, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 9

Today was the last day of Family Mission. I let the kids wake up of their own accord this morning in case they needed a sleep in. But they bounced out by 8am and ready to jump on the bus by 8.30am. I thought they might have been a bit puffed out after this week, but nope, they're not.

As soon as they were on the bus I headed out on the bay in the tinny to take shots of the foreshore from a different perspective. It didn't take long and the water was perfect. Clean, pristine and nearly glassy.

When I was finished with that I took different photos along the jetty and working out something original. Still working on that one ;)

I was back at the apartment for when the kids came back off the bus for lunch. While they veged for a bit, I went back to the sandbar to search for the lost keys. The tide was out, but not as low as yesterday's. So I was wading around for half an hour or so before finally deciding they are lost forever.

While on the sandbar I was watching three pelicans. So after deciding the keys were a lost cause I ripped back up to the apartment, grabbed my camera, swapped the lens over for a prime, and went back to the sandbar. That was a bit of fun.

The kids and I headed out for VacSwim. As Sean jumped in the car, he said "Here Mum", and handed me my keys. They'd been on the back floor under the seat all this time. I still don't know how I locked the car up with the keys inside on the floor on the backseat, but there you go. Lost is found, thank goodness.

VacSwim was good. The sun was warm, the breeze was gentle and cool and the kids had fun.

Later in the early evening, Laura and William came over for tea and a splash around. While we were on the Sandbar we fed the pelicans from the left over fish bits that Kym had cleaned. The pastel colours in the East rose as the sun set in the West. It truly was glorious.

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