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Friday, January 3, 2014

tumby 2014 day 2

After many late nights over the last couple of weeks, this morning was a sleep in. Whether it was the sea air or just plain puffed out, the kids and I didn't wake to about 9. We lounged around a bit before getting up.

We popped down to the shop to grab some groceries, back to the apartment to unpack them then we zipped over to home to pick up the rest of the stuff I didn't have room for the day before. Mostly frozen and fridge supplies, plus a few things I realized that I hadn't packed the day before.

Kym came home the night before from a job site and had packed up the boat, the bikes and his stuff before trundling over. He didn't arrive for ages and I was starting to stew a bit. The kids haven't really seen him for days and he didn't seem in any rush to have time with us. So when he finally got here, I spoke my mind. As a result, rather than resolving and moving on, he took off back to the farm. So its still just me and the kids with all the gear.

No matter. Tis pretty normal, unfortunately. So the three of us headed off on a bike ride,

before having our chops for tea and a game of scrabble after. Annie came in with a cracker word right at the last and took the lead.

At night I'm processing the last month's worth of photos, blogging and trying not to yawn tooooooo much.

Think I'll hit the hay.

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