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Monday, January 13, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 12

The boys went fishing in the morning while Annie and I headed out with the kayak. With the fun of the GoPro on the boards yesterday I wanted to mount it on the kayak today, but alas, the mount doesn't stick to that kind of plastic. I need to do a bit of homework. Or use duct tape ;)

Because it was so calm, nearly glassy, and quite warm, Annie paddled under the length of the jetty from one end to the other and she was in shade all the way. Something I've never done and would still like to do.

While she paddled I was taking a few shots, both with the phone and the camera. Haven't had the chance to even look at most of them yet.

We were there for ages when I had the call from Kym to pick Sean up from Back Beach. So back to the apartment to get him out of his fishy clothes, a quick lunch and round to the library to change over books. Man, those kids eat books. (insert proud Mum moment here).

We had our first visit to the Bakery where they indulged and I was allowed one bit of each. My rule, not theirs lol.

And back to the jetty we went.

I very nearly forgot it was Monday and they had their second last lesson of VacSwim Surf and Survive lol. We dashed back to get their kit on and made it in time.

We lounged around after their lesson and just chilled.

I had a phone call from Rob Lang just as I finished tea to see what I was up to. He was in the area and was keen to get together for a few pics. So I just about ran out the door. If there is one thing that gets a rise out of him is to offer him a VB. So I quickly set up the eski like this and got the reaction from him that I was looking for.  hehehehehe....... we shit stir each other heaps.

This is my money shot from the night. I was dancing a gig and having a bit of a giggle when I had this one in the bag.

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