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Saturday, January 11, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 10

Weekend. Whoo hooo. No getting up by the alarm clock for Mission. So we lounged around, had  pancakes for breakfast

After finally getting motivated to get out of PJ's we (the kids and me) went to the Little Pop-Up Shop. Funky little place. Picked up a nice beach top for when the hot weather gets here.

By the time we got back from there and the few groceries, Kym was back from the farm. He took the kids round to the library to change books and was supposed to take them fishing from a pontoon in the Marina that the owner lets us use. Alas, there were other people on there so my troops came back and veged.

By late afternoon I had smoked up the keyboard and was itching to get out, so I found some glass jars and took the kids to the sand bar to fishing with jars and bread. Very old school. And a bit of fun as i had the GoPro under the water to get the vision of the fish swimming around and going into the jars.

They had to catch 10 each into a bucket and then release them to get their icecream cone. It was fun.

Tonight was just a total chill out for all, while I plonked away on the keyboard.

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