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Thursday, January 16, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 15

Kym and our friend's Dad with his eldest son headed out early to go fishing. I think Sean's had enough for a while as he didn't want to go.

It was quite breezy in town and warm so were up into the Library for books and down to the Modra Apartment's office for DVD's.

I was watching the horizon as there were quite a few fires going up around the place due to rekindles from the lightning strikes two days before.  The one at Miners Hill/Dray Pole Hill near Ungarra/Yallunda Flat was causing some concerns to the friends. So when the CFS app showed an 'investigate smoke' at the Flat, I rang the friends to get the Hubby back on the beach at Second Creek as he didn't have the CFS pager on him to find out what's going on. Both she and I took off in our vehicles to the beach in case we needed to bring extra kids, vehicles or their boat back to town. It turned out to be a false alarm, which was the best cause scenario, thank goodness.

It was much nicer at Second Creek than in town, so we headed back to load up the sun shelter, the boards, the eski, hats, towels and skis and back we came.

Sitting in the water up to your belly button, with a coldie in hand, watching the kids muck around on the boards and snorkels was the best way to spend a hot day. It was over 46 in Cummins and I don't reckon we even hit 38 in Tumby, so just knowing it was a bit cooler on the coast made it feel that much nicer to be there.

When the boys came in off the boats we popped the kids on the skis. It was Sean's first time ever on water skis and on the second attempt he was up.

He was down 2 seconds later. Age 7.

We stayed in the water for most of the afternoon before we headed back to town. It was still disgustingly warm and windy so we were very glad to be where we were instead of being cooped up inside a box for the day.

We all headed out to tea at the Red Roof as Thursday's is schnitzels night. I had hoped to head out after that to scope a spot for the full moon rise the next night, but I was having far too much fun with the crew to even worry about it.

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