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Monday, January 20, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 19

The kids had a surprising long sleepin on Monday morning. Kym was up early and out fishing so the kids and I had the day to fill in.

Annie had her annual hair cut in the morning, we swam, had the boards on the waves, rode our bikes, had another family of kids here to play, I had my nails done and headed out to a secret location sand dune.

Can you spot DH way down there?

And Annie is even further away. Can you see her?

The kids had sand everywhere. I've never seen Sean's ears so full. A good swim had that sorted out.

I headed out on the jetty about 10.30pm to do a recce for the moonrise that will rise directly over the jetty on Tuesday night. Sorting out lens choice on which camera body. There's a few factors involved. :)

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