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Friday, January 17, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 16

The kids and I had a day in Lincoln today for dental appointments and picking up what nots for the school year. Called in and spent some time with Amy and her kids. Last stop was Wendy's.

It was surprisingly cool in Lincoln and when we got back to Tumby late arvo I was surprised how warm and windy it was there.

The boys had a successful day on the water so it was garfish for tea and sausages for those who are non fish eaters. We just all pooled tucker and set up 2 garden bench tables outside and relaxed till the sun went down. The kids ran riot, had a ball and even had us adults entertained with a three dance recitals. 2 by Annie and 1 by Sean. I'm so very chuffed they had the self confidence and the guts to do that. I did record it but I'm not showing it on here. Some things do remain private ;)

Late night video with the kids before shut eye.

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