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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

tumby 2014 day - 7

While the kids were at Mission I smoked up the keyboard on post production of images. I've been adding a few to the "East Coast of Eyre Peninsula" album on my Facebook page. Scroll down to the bottom for the latest ones.

After Mission and lunch we went to the library to exchange our books before hitting the waves with the boards up out in front of the hospital. This end of the town is breezy than the southern end and has the waves.

So while the kids were catching the waves, I was out there with them with the camera in hand, getting shots of them from the front, alongside and of them heading into the beach on their boards. What a lot of fun that was. I seem to always be in the water up to my belly button with the camera. I don't plan too, I just seem too. I don't care about what clothes I'm wearing. My philosophy regarding clothes, both mine and the kids, is "it doesn't matter, it'll wash".

By the time the kids had enough of the waves it wasn't worth our while heading back to the apartment before the VacSwim, so we lounged under the shade of the foreshore trees on the lawn and read our books until it was time to start.

Both of their groups went out on boards, so having that bit of play beforehand really paid dividends.

The kids were rather shattered after their lessons, so we just veged for the evening. We even had Cousin It stay for tea :)

And that's a wrap.

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