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Saturday, January 4, 2014

tumby 2014 day 3

Another sleep in by the kids. No one stirred until 8.30am. That's nearly a record. So after a leisurely breakfast of pancakes we rode the bikes around to the library to stock up on books.

Both the kids are fluent readers, and to keep up with their book supply we will be going to the local library here a lot. The lady at the desk has remembered us from the last couple of summers and knew our names just like that, even though we haven't been there since January last year so I was just a little bit flattered that she remembered us at all. :)

By the time we rode back Kym had turned up (at last). He dropped his gear and took the kids around to a friends place to do a couple of repair jobs on the Engel and drop off the smoker box.

When they were back we had lunch and hooked up the boat

to go for a tiddly pomp out in the bay. And also to blow the cobwebs out of the motor ;)

It was lovely to get out and have the wind in the hair. I took the camera out with us (of course) but I haven't got around to getting them off the memory card yet. (tomorrow's job). We are also having Annie more hands on with driving, launching, starting and retrieving the boat and the rules on the water for when she goes for her permit.

I've also scoped a few spots of the foreshore while out on the water to frame up for photos. I'll take the boat out on a calm morning so I can get to where I want without frustrating Kym.

When we got back to shore I took Annie and all our thongs down to the beach. Our family supply of thongs has gone from this many (taken 22.12.2013)

to this. (This pile is less one pair of Sean's and two pairs of Kym's).  Annie's cousins gave her a bunch of outgrown ones while we were over in Adelaide. And the best thing is that she and I are now the same size so I can borrow some of them. Cool huh!

We had a leisurely evening of Scrabble and Mary Poppins. And another late night for the kids. Gotta love holidays.

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