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Friday, November 25, 2011

and they're off

Just how happy is this girl!!!!   

Annie had her top teeth banded on the 8th of Feb this year.  I've had sooo many comments saying 'isn't she a bit young for bands.' And the answer is no, not these days. They prefer to do more minor corrective dental work before getting to the stage of pulling teeth out and major reconstructive work. And in Annie's case, it wasn't a large amount of correction needed. But enough to warrant her top ones banded. 

Now looking at the photo of her teeth I took that morning 8 months ago, I cringe. I am so very glad I pushed this idea to get them corrected.

This is today. And what a difference. And I've noticed already her speech is a bit clearer. I've also noticed, much to my astonishment just how much older she looks now without the bands on.

This is something she has wanted to do for 8 months. Crunch into a cold crispy apple. Unfortunately this shot is staged :( . She can't chomp into an apple just yet. She has a thin clip behind the front 2 teeth to hold them in place. That could be there for up to 2 years. So no frozen fruitboxes either.

(This apple was sacrificed for the greater good of taste and pleasure by it's being divided into several segments by knife. It was consumed with utter delight.)

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Anonymous said...

I have a bit of wire on my bottom teeth from when i had braces and i don't know that ill ever get to have that taken off. Im kinda used to it now tho. :D xxx