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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


anyone going to Spotlight in the next few days.

20% sale from Thursday 21st to Sunday 31st.
Being a bit of a tight fist with money, I only buy those yummy fiskars border punches when on special.
am looking for either Apron Lace (preferred)

or Effervescense by second choice

and lurve the Upper Crust punch.

So if anyone is going in can you let me know and I'll catch up with you about it.
would be ever so grateful
thanks a bunch


maryanne r said...

dont know of anyone tiff sorry.....must say I have been eyeing off some of these, also the scalloped circle punch is tempting me at the moment.

Natalie said...

Hey hon - these are not out yet babe!
Couple more months I think.... ;(

Kirsty said...

I saw them online at Anaas Craft Cupboard the other day....not on special though:(

Anonymous said...

Hiya lovely lady, I actually did an order with Blue Bazaar this week just to try and win one of these in a newsletter freebie but to no avail :o( They are special aren't they?

Anonymous said...

me me me Im going thru over the weekend and home again Wednesday,does that help lol. cheers Trish S.
woo hoo