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Monday, May 25, 2009

Miss T

this little poppet has perfected the puckered lips and oh that smile. She is just gorgeous and all of 10 weeks old.
Thanks Mum and enjoy your sneak peek.



Kirsty said...

She is gorgeous! Great job Tiff!

sandra said...

Tiff, these are gorgeous.
No wonder the local mothers are queuing to see you.
Lovely lovely shots, and you say you are still building your confidence?? Can't wait to see the photos when you have the confidence to go even further!!
You should be so proud of your self.
It will be family portraits next...
Maybe Kym will need to consider building a studio out the back there??
you go girl

Anonymous said...

Wow Tiff, these photos are soooo good !!
Love the one of the feet in Mum's hands and the one holding Mum's fingers ... love 'em all really !!

SkyeMJ said...

Stunning Tiff! That last one is very Anne Geddes - have you seen her black and white coffee table book? It's less flower pots and pumpkins and more arty like this!

Gorgeous shots mate!


:) Tiff said...

no way in hell do i want a studio. just want keep the whole thing very casual and a whole of fun. you scare the pants off me Sandra. and would prefer to stay with baby photos as they dont run away from me. lol.

maryanne r said...

once again these are gorgeous tiff!
So cute.......are you getting all a clucky being around all these bubs???