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Sunday, May 10, 2009

me day (Mother's day)

Mother's Day here is always a hand wrapped pressie of Tim Tams. This year I was surprised with a photo frame that Dad spotted to reuse. So *wink* Annie chose the three pics to go in it and I was asked to print them out for her. Then I had to promptly forget that I did that. *wink* So I was VERY surprised (hoped it seemed real to her) with the photos today.

This is the only time of year when I have a hot coffee. So I can nibble off two ends of the Tim Tam and suck it up thru. I then take great delight letting the melted choc slide down. Heaven on a stick.

Then the kids and I headed of to Tumby to catch up with Mum on our way to the Hunt. Mum was delighted with the Mirror Photo Book. She said she was even a bit choked up by it (knew she would be). Am so glad she likes it. She reckons its the best thing I have ever made for her. That made me feel really proud. Of me and of Mum.

Off to the Hunt. Didnt ride and didnt get toooo much ribbing about it. Glorious hunt, no falls and 30 riders. Fantastic. Made me feel a bit guilty actually.

Came home after dark and found tea waiting for me. Piping hot. Geez I do just love him.

ps. I am nearly about to go over my Internet quota, so this may be the last post till Wednesday night.

come on back now, ya hear.


Anonymous said...

I know about going over the quota, don't worry. Hmmmm hot coffee and Tim Tams in bed, now that's my kinda Mothers Day, good on hubby for the dinner, you deserve every bite I'm sure xx.

sandra said...

Yum chocolate first thing in the morning!! yep sounds like heaven to me!
Lovely photos.
and onya Kym for the hot tea!
I know how much I appreciate it when G has made tea and all I have to so when I come home from work is sit down and eat..
and it is no surprise that your Mum got teary with that gift... it is beautiful.. wish I saw it irl.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great Mother's Day Tiff !
You must've been busting to give your Mum her present, glad she loved it !
The best way to eat Tim Tams hey !! I reckon Zanny was the first one to show me that trick when we worked at the Council together ALL those years ago (OMG probably about 15-16 yrs ago, Hi Zan if you pop by!).

Kirsty said...

Aaaaaw gorgeous mother's day pics :) I went over my quota last month, and it royally sucked :(