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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr L

Isnt it amazing when one door shuts in your life, the next one springs wide open. You just need the courage to step thru it. This is me on the threshold at the moment. I have been very flattered by a number of requests for infant photo sessions. In no way am I up to the standard of professional photographers, and do not even for a second, think that I want to be, but I do enjoy taking photos. And even more so of little babies.

So in saying that, I had the most fun this morning.

I have been very fortunate to be asked by the Karkoo Playgroup ladies to come up and do a photoshoot of 4 little itty bitty babies.

I felt a bit unsure and more than a bit intimidated by this invite. 4 babies in one morning, and now there is an expectation out there.

So taking courage in both hands I thought, well why the hell not. The Mums are friends of mine, they all have an idea of the photos that I take via the blog here or by Facebook. And I discovered, they had more fun than I did. So much so that I have more babies to photograph next week. And I have one with a Dad. Cant wait to get some buff torso shots of him and his son.

So thankyou so much ladies. I really appreciate it. You have given me so much more confidence.

I have processed Mr L shots tonight. Over the next few days I complete the others and pop sneak peaks for the Mums on here.

stayed tuned.

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