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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

school photos 2007

Fiddled with Photoshop to come up with a negative strip big enough for these photos in this LO of my daughter's school photos.

black Kaiser pearls and a Heidi Swapp ghost frame finish it off nicely.
I have finished a LO of Annie's Kindy's class as well but of course I cant post it as it shows all the kids faces. I dont want to offend any of their parents if they didn't want their child's picture on the www.


Kirsty said...

LOOOOOVE this one! I find school pics SO hard to scrap, but you have done awesomely :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, you have just MADE my morning by telling me that!!!!! Donna really is lovely, very empathetic and caring, which is rare. We are gonna have soooo much fun in the forum you and me, the 2 Tiff's, do they know what they are in for LOL? If you have any ideas for any challenges, etc you may be interested in, give me the heads up and we can set them when it's my turn, thanks again Tiff, that is the best news ever mwah!!!

Anonymous said...

I just left a message on the GLAMAZON shot below (WOWSERS) and your daughter has gorgeous hair like you too! She probably hates it and wants it straight does she? LOL!!! Always the way, we want what we don't have. Mine is so flat and fine, I've always wanted some movement. I tellya though, I have major movement every morning, cause it's so fine, I look like Yahoo Serious, like right now, off to have a shower xx.

SueP said...

Oh this is beautiful Tiff. Love that rub-on at the bottom!! Is it a rubon?? and with the dymo tape in the middle too....lovely!