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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

help please

I am trying either to have a photo album link on my right side bar for some of the baby photos I have taken lately. Or have a slide show happening there.
I have created an album in Picasa but then I'm stuck.
Is there also any way to transfer photos already in Picasa into a new album there without having to reload them from my end on the 'puter. Would save on heaps of double handling uploads

I have tried both the album and slideshow with blogger and got so confused, I give up.

Does anyone have an idiot explanation of how to.... in layman terms.

would be very grateful

many thanks


maryanne r said...

mmm...seem to be a lot of blods with them, so must be doable.maybe find 1 that has them and ask how to??

tanya.chandler said...
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tanya.chandler said...

No idea, but you could create a facebook 'fun page' and have the link to it on your blog. When you use the photo links, you don't have to be a facebook user to view things. I can help if you wish to do it that way.

silvercat said...

Hi Tiff...Thanks for visiting my blog...yeah those darn housework fairy's are so unreliable..lol..

I will email you my version of putting up a slide show....it might help..

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hi Tiff, sorry I'm only replying now, if you go to my slide and click on make your own slide, you can follow the links from there, shout out if you need more help xx.

Nicole Aspinall said...

Hey Tiff, blogger has an easy peasy slideshow gadget. Or do they call them widgets??

Go to blogger layout, add a gadget/widget, choose slideshow and then select picasa album and enter your username and password and it will show you all your picasa albums available to you to link to and it is done! (make sure you made your picasa album public though!!!)

This is the same slideshow I use on puzzles - it is only a small preview but it links straight to the picasa album to see bigger pics...

email me for more clarification or screenshots step by step if i dint explain that very well!